Guidelines for best trampoline

What Shape and Size?

There are two types of trampolines sizes available. They each serve a different function and are very different.

Round Trampolines – These are the ones that are best suited for children. Typically these trampolines will have a softer bounce to them. This is because all the springs on a round trampoline work together in unison at the same time, allowing for that softer landing. For more go to

Rectangular Trampolines – This type is best for teenager and adults. Usually, these types of trampolines will yield a bigger bounce, because each spring acts and works separately from the rest allowing greater bounce.

Rectangular trampolines tend to cost a bit more and usually take a lot longer to set up, but can be worth the cost if you want that extra bounce!

2) What Size Is Best?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to trampoline size. First and foremost is that you need to make sure you put it in a place in your yard where there is enough room from a safety standpoint. So try to put it in a place away from trees and potential harmful objects.

There are a lot of trampoline sizes and since most round trampolines are measured by their diameter, I would recommend any one 15 feet or over. This will allow for a lot or “correction space” and will be able to host multiple jumpers comfortably.

Here are just some examples of some of the trampoline sizes.

8′ Trampoline
14′ Trampoline
15′ Trampoline
17′ Trampoline
Also, no matter what size you decide to get, you might want to invest in an anchoring system that will prevent any movement of the trampoline foundation during play.

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